Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Don't Mess with Texas

It's time for another eye-rolling edition of "Really? You're that upset about a book?"

The Texas Department of Transportation is suing author Christie Craig and her publisher. Know why? Because the title of her latest release is "Don't Mess With Texas" and they trademarked that phrase as part of their anti-littering campaign. Still wondering why they're suing? Well, folks, it appears that Christie Craig's latest has been deemed "porn" in the lawsuit and the title of her book will cause "irreparable harm" to their attempts to keep Texas clean.

What a great thing for the government of Texas to do, right? Fabulous use of tax payer dollars.

I saw a workshop of Christie's once. Funny lady. Good writer. She writes light-hearted, flirty contemporaries in the vein of Jennifer Crusie if you haven't read her before. Click here to check out Don't Mess With Texas.

**UPDATE: This afternoon a judge threw out the case. Go Sam Sparks! Not only do you have a great name, you also have common sense. Well done, your honor.**

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