Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's that time again! March Madness! And we're not just talking about basketball, boys and girls. It's time for the Dear Author Bitchery Writing Awards for Hellagood Authors. Yep, the DABWAHA is here!

As with every year, there will be beaucoup prizes to be won as we pick our favorites and vote them on to glory in this tourney that pits book against book, author against author, in a Deathmatch for Writing Glory! Sixty Four Books Enter. One Book Leaves. (Mwa-ha ha.)

The finalists have just been announced and... okay, I'm totally out of step this year because while I'm huge fans of several of the authors represented, I've only read a couple of the actual books on the list. (Though, for the record, Julie James's A Lot Like Love is deeply badass.)

Swing on by and take a gander at the finalists and then place your vote to add books that are Too Awesome Not To Be Included to the roster. One more will be added to each category according to reader demand, so let your voice be heard. Go forth and DABWAHA, reader minions!

P.S. Am I the only one having a "Where the f*ck is Victoria Dahl on that list?" moment? No Eloisa James? No Kresley Cole? What would YOUR brackets look like if you picked the best of 2011?

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