Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Father, the Blogger

For the record, my dad is pretty awesome. He's smart, funny, and definitely the source of my passion for precision. People using imprecise data to prove a point is one of his hot buttons - and the way Climate Science & Global Warming are handled by the media and politicians have been pet peeves of his for years. (Don't get him started on An Inconvenient Truth.)

As an engineer and retired energy company executive, he has a strong foundation in the science, governmental hoops, and technology of energy resources and has researched the hell out of climate change in the last few years. And all during those last few years, as he's slowly plugged away at a book he says he'll likely never publish, my family members (myself included) have been telling him he should start a blog.

And a couple weeks ago, he finally did. Climate SWAG (which stands for a "Scientific Wild Ass Guess") is his new baby and he's got a few posts up as he finds his blogging feet. So if you're curious about the topic, swing on by for a visit and meet my father, the blogger.

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