Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lucky Sevens

The delightful Ms. Diana Layne (who's mafia suspense book The Good Daughter recently received a Top Pick from RT! Congrats, Diana!) tagged me this weekend in a little book meme - The Lucky Sevens! The mission? To post 7 lines, starting at the 7th line on the 7th or 77th page of your upcoming book. (Check out Diana's HERE.)

Now, 8 is my favorite number, but I decided to be a good little rule follower and go with Lucky Number 8-1. And because I'm an overachiever, I've decided to post BOTH 7 and 77 excerpts from my upcoming, May 1st release Superlovin'. (Available for Kindle & Nook pre-order now!)

For page 7, we join our hero (who happens to be a supervillain, but we don't judge) mid-heist as he is searching...

The Crypt.
Where the not-so-pristine truth about heroes is buried.
Conspiracy theorists loved to speculate on the contents of these super-secret files. But tonight he didn’t care about the truth. Just Mirabelle.
Lucien scanned the room. The filing cabinets had been his best bet, but he’d come up empty there. He walked past the computers, ignoring them. The schematics for Area Nine would be low-tech. Hard copies.

And seventy pages later, we find our intrepid heroine mid-argument with Mr. Supersexy himself.

“And is being a villain any different for you?” She flung the words at him. “Do you ever do something just because it’s right without first thinking of your own self-interest?” It was unfair. She knew he thought of Mirabelle first. Everything she’d seen him do, he’d done for his family, but nothing in the way she was feeling right now was rational or logical—and from the wild look in his eyes, he was right there with her.
“Everyone thinks of their own self-interest,” he barked. “You’re thinking of your own self-interest every time you fly off to save the day. Thinking of how it will enhance your precious DynaGirl image.”

So... yeah... they don't exactly see eye-to-eye on the whole saving-the-day thing.

Now, I believe I'm supposed to pass the meme on to 7 people, but this is where my rule following breaks down. Ever since chain letters threatened terrible things to people who failed to send it on to a certain number of people in a certain amount of time, I've been reluctant to ping other people with memes. So instead, I invite you, intrepid reader, to post seven lines of page seven or seventy of either 1) The book you're reading right this instant (with details so others can check it out too!) or 2) a Work-in-Progress from your own manuscript files.

Happy Seven-ing! (And thanks to Diana for the game.)

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