Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HAWK'S REVENGE - 7 Days and Counting

ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!!!! HAWK'S REVENGE is coming! And it's ‪#‎TeaserTuesday‬ time, darlings! Even during a rescue, things are complicated for Adrian & Rachel...
A sound from the far side of the room called Adrian’s gaze in that direction. And again it happened. The sight of her hit him like a punch.
Big chocolate eyes, rich brown curls, and that aura of innocence and hope. The building seemed to shudder around him—she could move his f*cking world—then a piece of rubble fell from the ceiling and he realized it was actually shaking.
Rachel cowered against the wall and unwanted emotion surged up, a conflicting mess of feeling that was distinctly unwelcome in the middle of an op—including a bizarre unnatural rage that she hadn’t run into his arms. His true mate would have. He should be relieved she hadn’t distracted him during his altercation with Dominec, but all he felt was irritation that he’d saved her life and now she was looking at him like she wasn’t sure whether he was her savior or her doom.
The hell of it was, he wasn’t entirely sure himself.

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