Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Happy HAWK'S REVENGE Release Day!!! It's finally here! And do I have an excerpt for you? Of course I do! It's ‪#‎TeaserTuesday‬, after all.

Today, for our Release Day Tease, Adrian and Rachel have some issues to work out...

“I would never have betrayed you if there was any other choice that would have saved your life.”
His eyes went distant. Yellow always seemed such a bright warm color; she’d never known it could be so icy cold. “Is that so? And the way you were with me, they made you do that?”
“No. Adrian. Everything between us was real. They came to me, when we’d been seeing one another for a few weeks, called me before the Board of Directors.” She remembered the terror of that meeting. The way her heart had beat so fast and hard she’d been grateful there were no shifters in the room to hear the blatant tell. Mr. Washington, the Chairman of the Board, had watched her with his eerily pale gray eyes, unblinking as he slid photos across the table. Photos of her with Noah. “They’d been following us. They knew who you were, but they didn’t know what we were doing. The shifters we’d helped escaped were still safe from Organization hunters. They didn’t suspect me yet. They said if I helped them acquire you, it would prove my loyalty.”
“So you proved it.”
“What else was I supposed to do?”

HAWK'S REVENGE IS OUT TODAY!!!  Welcome back to the pride, boys and girls!

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