Tuesday, February 17, 2015

One Last Hawk Teaser

If you haven't checked out HAWK'S REVENGE yet, what are you waiting for? Perhaps another ‪#‎TeaserTuesday‬?  When last we saw Adrian and Rachel they were trying to work through their complicated history...

It had been a risk, being with him, but desire had made her reckless, the danger adding a delicious tension…or maybe that was just him. The world was always sharper and brighter in his arms.
“I can’t make you out, Dr. Russell,” he said finally, folding his arms.
“Ask me anything. I won’t lie.”
And for the first time in what felt like a lifetime, the words were wholly true.
She didn’t have to lie. She didn’t have to smile for her bosses while her stomach churned at what they were doing. She didn’t have to feel her heart beating out of her chest as she smuggled out a shifter, praying desperately that all the pieces were in place and all the codes she’d been given were still active.
No one was going to catch her now. Noah—Adrian—wouldn’t kill her if she failed to cooperate. The shifters had an honor the Organization had never possessed. It was why they were at such a disadvantage in the silent war.
For the first time in an age—hell, maybe ever—Rachel was free to tell the truth. To be herself. It had been so long, she wasn’t entirely sure she remembered who that was anymore, but she was finally free to find out.

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