Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sexy and Fresh: Meet THE QUEEN

Hawk's Revenge comes out on Tuesday (woohoo!) and I'll be gushing about my new contemporary romance persona's debut release tomorrow, but TODAY, ooooh, I'm excited about today. 

I got a sneak peek at a steamy erotic story, with lush, vivid writing and a compelling (sexy!) world.  This one is as unique as it is steam-your-glasses sexy, so if you like it hot, check out THE QUEEN by the lovely Megan Reel.

Six lovers. Six ways to seduction. Which one will she choose?

Queen Alendra has been groomed to be the perfect ruler of men. Held aloft on a golden throne, she keeps herself composed and untouched; a deity in human form. But now she must bear an heir, and the tradition in her realm calls for a ceremony that is as sensual as it is shocking.

Alendra has never been touched by anyone other than her maids. The only man she has any connection to at all, is the one she can never have. Yet he is the one to lead her on a sensual journey toward becoming the woman he knows she is inside.

Now six champions have been chosen, each a master of an art of war. No one must know their real identities. Instead they are known by the mask they wear, Stag, Bull, Hawk, Serpent, Leopard, and Fox. They have been selected for one purpose, to give the queen an heir. At the end of the feast of Rahnis, all six will claim her bed.

The feast is about to begin… 


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