Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ain't No Second Chances: A DABWAHA Post Mortem

The 2009 Dear Author/Bitchery Writing Awards for Hellagood Authors have drawn to a close and Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs has emerged victorious, edging out The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne. Which means I'm gonna be road-tripping it out to my nearest Borders to do some shopping in the very near future, because, tragically, I have yet to read either of these Hellagood Books. Oh, the shame! How can I call myself an avid reader?

I'm sure you're all dying to know how I did in the brackets. (Or not, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. Cuz it's my blog and I can cry if I want to.) My DABWAHA Brackets = Epic Fail. I think I ranked somewhere around 230th place in the regular brackets. Unfortunately, I also saw they were having second chance brackets about midway through the melee, and I thought, "Hells yeah, baby! Second chance at fame and glory!" Unfortunately, I did not trust my instincts when filling out said Second Chance Brackets. I tried to predict how people would vote, tried to guess at popularity rather than just going with my gut. And ya know what happened? Dead last. (Okay, slight exaggeration. I came in tied for second to last place.) Yeah, go ahead, point and laugh. I can take it.

So the moral of the story is... go with your gut cuz there ain't no second chances. Or use the force, Luke. Or something like that. Life lessons can be tricky to pin down when you're basing them on the bibliophile's version of online gambling.

One last sigh for my epic failure and a big congrats to Patricia Briggs. I can't wait to read the official Hellagood Book o' 2009.


Kate Diamond said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by our site! How's the writing going?

Anonymous said...

There's no place to go but up!!!!