Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Read Romance Because... Contest Results!

Congratulations, Joy! You won!

Thank you to everyone who entered. I loved reading all the responses. There's a lot to love about romance: alpha heroes, kick-ass heroines, being taken to "far away places and pleasures", and an escape - whether from "teenage drama queens", "screaming kids", or the "mundain life of work & school". All that and it can also spice up your marriage and guarantees you happy ending every time? Sign me up.

As I've been thinking about why I read romance novels, all of your reasons struck a chord with me, especially with regard to being taken to far off places and getting that happily ever every time, but when it came to a quesiton of why romance rather than any other genre of fiction, I think Joy (the winner was randomly chosen, I swear!) put it best:

"When I read a romance book I can say I have 1.loved 2.been in a relationship 3.laughed 4.been in a bedroom with the opposite sex 5.have had erotic encounters 6.have loved and lost... and just about everything a romance novel covers. Sort of like 'been there, done that several times, and will do again.' Bottom line-I CAN RELATE TO THE ROMANCE NOVEL."

I like books about love. Books that aren't afraid to say that love is important and worthwhile. Because what else are we living for?

One more time, thank you everyone for participating!

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