Sunday, April 12, 2009

Giant Mutant Bunnies Sneaking Around in Your House! Ahhhh!

Do you ever wonder how so many of our holiday traditions got to be holiday traditions when they are so darned creepy when you think about it? So many of them hinge around breaking and entering. The fat dude in the red suit climbing out of your fireplace, the giant bunny hiding eggs behind your furniture, the winged guy with the tooth fetish coming into your bedroom at night... these are supposed to be happy images? If you stop and think about it, we have some pretty weird holiday traditions.

One of my friends sent me a pic of her adorable child sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap looking totally freaked out. Yeah. I'm right there with ya, kiddo. No wonder Easter is a time of copious chocolate-therapy. Mmm, Cadbury...

So what do you think is the creepiest holiday tradition? Disguising yourself and banging on the doors of strangers demanding sweets? A naked cherub shooting people with arrows? Frankly, I think the ginormous bunny is pretty creeptastic.

And in case you're wondering, the Easter Bunny came from the Germans. The same people who gave us the Grimm Brothers and their charming children's tales of women chopping off parts of their feet to try to fit into a pair of shoes... Creeeeeepy.

Happy Easter, y'all!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing weirder than dressing your children up as monsters and sending them out to beg for candy from strangers.

I do have a photo of my son sitting on the Easter bunnies lap, and he's glancing over his shoulder looking a little frightened - and shouldn't they be?

And what's wrong with this picture? Celebrating having a pot luck with Native Americans that you later slaughter and imprison. It's sort of poetic justice that they are taking all our money at the casino. They finally found our weakness.

You should never ask me my opinion.


memi said...

Personally, I'm most terrified by April Fool's Day traditions, since it preys on my personal neuroses and trust issues, and offends my personal values, actually revering dishonesty and the resulting laughter at others' expense.

That said, it's potentially refreshing that one day of the year people actually admit to being dishonest.

Also, Valentine's Day weirds me out, mostly because it has little to nothing to do with its origins. Also, because its origins include things like women being "lightly slapped" with blood soaked hides.

This was substantially heavier than I had originally intended. So, in the interest of a relatively happy ending: EASTER CANDY! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what's up with April Fools Day? I don't like practical jokes, Candid Camera, or Punked.