Friday, April 17, 2009

Bosoms Everywhere!

I would say that this book is a must buy for fans of Smart Bitches, but I'm certain all true fanatics already have their copy and are eagerly devouring this snarktastic commentary on romances and why we love them.

For those who haven't heard, Sarah Wendell & Candy Tan of the review/blogarama site Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Books (All the romance, none of the bullshit) have released a witty, incisive, and utterly hysterical examination of the most defamed genre in fiction. And, yeah, it's awesome.

The Bitches' Dictionary? Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. Here are two of my favorite definitions:

Rake. n. 1: A sharp gardening implement used to comb through dense bushes, usually in hopes of finding riches and security.
2: A species of attractive and sexually promiscuous male; scientists postulate that rakes exhibited strong antibacterial properties, as they were capable of copulating with anything and everything on two legs without falling prey to venereal disease.
Vampire. n. 1: Immortal, soulless animate corpse that drinks the blood of the living. This is, for some reason, considered extremely sexy.
2: An excuse for authors to inflict their most Outrhageouz Nhames on the reading populace.

Hee, hee. Now available at a bookstore near you. Go on. Ask for Heaving Bosoms and watch the clerk react.

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Kate Diamond said...

I am looking forward to reading this! I might go hunting for it today.