Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Four & a Half Nymphs

It's another review! Literary Nympths Reviews gave The Ghost Exterminator four and a half nymphs. (Which, of course, has me thinking all sorts of gory thoughts about the nymph who pulled the short straw and got cut in half...)

Jo and Wyatt couldn’t be more dissimilar in personalities and life experiences and the author did a great job highlighting those differences, and changing their relationship from adversaries to lovers.

Isn't that sweet? She liked Jo & Wyatt. :) I like them too. (Is it weird to like people you made up?)

I like the premise for this paranormal series, and have great hopes that the author will continue to create characters and plots for additional books in the future.

I will! I am! Watch for the next Karmic Consultants novel, The Sexorcist, releasing in ebook April, 2010. (Jo from The Ghost Exterminator & Lucy from The Ghost Shrink both make cameos.)

Thank you, Mystical Nymph, for the lovely review.


Vivant said...

Congratulations on another great review!

Kate Diamond said...

Sexorcist = great title. Can't wait to read it!



Vivi Andrews said...

Thank you, Kate, Kelly & Vivant. :)