Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Funnies

I recently discovered a new author. Okay, okay, I didn't discover her. Her editor or agent or someone or other discovered her, her books were published, a writer friend read the book, got sick of listening to me bitch about the dearth o' romance books that land on the humorous side of the spectrum (I am so sick of angst, I can't even express the degree to which I am sick of angst)... and then I "discovered" my new author (Julie James! Rockstar!) by running off to my local library to check out one of her books.

Why was I whining and moaning about the lack o' humor? Because I don't control the universe. If I controlled the universe, one of my absolute favorite rom-com authors (Stephanie Rowe - Love! Love!) would not be launching a new romantic suspense series. She would be giving me more of the funnies I need rather than writing thrillers set in Alaska, of all places. I have faith in her brilliance, so I'm sure they are amazing romantic thrillers set in Alaska. I'm sure she did her research. There will be no children walking through a thousand miles of wilderness to befriend polar bears. I just have a really hard time with psychotic killer books. They don't ring my bells. Ms. Rowe's Immortally Sexy series rang my bells big time, but she seems to be taking a break from the funny - a choice I respect. She should write what makes her happy... but oh, if I ran the universe...

So, now that I've read everything Julie James has on the shelves at the moment, I'm on the prowl again. Any suggestions? Who's your favorite rom-com author?


Laurie M. Rauch said...

Hm. My favourite rom com writer is Vivi Andrews. You might have heard of her. ;)

Have you read Erin McCarthy's early books? Jenny Crusie? Stephanie Bond? Vicki Lewis Thompson? Julie Kenner? Michelle Rowen? I need to get my books out of storage to get more recommendations.

Vivi Andrews said...

I adore Crusie, McCarthy & Kenner. I knew you were a woman of exquisite taste. ;) Vicki Lewis Thompson and Michelle Rowan are definitely going to my must buy list!

Julie James said...

Hi Vivi!

Thanks for the shout-out! So happy to hear you enjoyed the books. In terms of other rom/com writers... hmm... have you tried Jill Shalvis? I thought Instant Attraction had some very snappy dialogue.


Vivi Andrews said...

Oh my God! It's Julie James! At my blog! I am completely incapable of playing it cool right now. Ms. James, you have the flat out best non-graphic sex scenes I've ever read. And the banter! Oh, that delicious banter.

Thank you for the recommendation. I will definitely check out Jill Shalvis as I am eagerly awaiting the release of Something About You.