Saturday, June 5, 2010

Book of the Week

Long & Short Romance Reviews does something pretty cool every week. They pit their best reviewed books of the week against one another (which sounds violent, doesn't it?) but I love the idea because it's a sly way of cross-promoting for all those authors.

You see, we get these emails saying "You're up for Book of the Week!" And we squee and gush and giggle, cuz it's awesome to have someone love your book. And then we tell everyone, "My book is up for Book of the Week! Go! Check it out! Vote!" And so our loyal reader-friends go and check out the reviews and vote... but you know what else they do? They are exposed to all those other books in a highly positive way. How cool is that?

So today I say to you, reader-friend, "Go to Long & Short Reviews! Vote for The Sexorcist! Or vote for another book that sounds hella awesome! But be exposed to the explosions of awesome that are the Best Books of the Week!" Cuz it's a pretty cool concept.



I think you have a chance of winning, but math is not my thing.

Vivant said...

Congratulations, Vivi! The Sexorcist won Book of the Week!

Vivi Andrews said...

Oh sweet! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who voted! You are rockstar goddesses (and gods) all!