Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Newfound Hotness

The Sexorcist got 5 books at Long & Short Reviews! Woot! Click here to read the full review. It was, ahem, quite favorable. ;)

It is also the second (of two) reviews to comment on the hot and heavy sexxoring that my hero and heroine get into. Is it weird that I didn't realize I'd written this one particularly hot? Accidental steam! I guess my mind is just a lot dirtier than I realize sometimes.

Did you read The Sexorcist? Did you find the sizzle quotient rather high? Have you ever accidentally written something a bit hotter than intended?




Kali said...

I didn't really notice the sizzle quotient being that high, but I usually don't if the sex is an integral part of the story. I typically only notice the sex if it's just there as sex.

Carly said...

The mirror scene was pretty hot (and hilarious!)

Vivi Andrews said...

Hot & hilarious. Best compliment evah. ;) Thanks, Carly! Yeah, I guess the mirror scene is a bit... ahem, warm.

Kali - I'm with you. It's gotta fit the story.

Thanks, Kelly!