Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do You Romance Responsibly?

On Monday, contemporary romance author Kelly Fitzpatrick posted an interesting blog about female empowerment and how it relates to sexual safety/education in romance novels. It sparked an interesting conversation about heroine/hero condom use in romance novels.

So now I'm curious: Do you like it when a romance author "Romances Responsibly" or do you think references to the realities of STDs & unwanted pregnancies are mood killers in a hot and steamy sex scene?

Should romance heroines be role models who practice safe sex at all times? Or should we trust our readers to know the difference between fiction and reality? Surprise pregnancies abound as plot twists - but always result in happy marriages with two loving and devoted parents by the time we get to the happily ever. Do STDs even exist in Romancelandia?

These books are entertainment, clearly, but do the authors have a responsibility to their reader to show that safety can be sexy? What say you, reader-friend?

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