Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Several Small Pieces of Awesome

Today I bring you a bullet list. Because few things make me squeal with glee quite as loudly as writing bullet lists. (This is not a joke. Obsession, thy name is bullet lists. And venn diagrams. And spreadsheets. Yeah. I'm a nerd.)

Ready? Awesomeness, comin' at ya.
  • Maureen Johnson (who I will confess I have a really hard time not thinking of as Maureen Scarlett because she writes the Scarlett books - you know, the YA ones about the chick in the Manhattan boutique hotel? Yeah, her.) wrote a MANIFESTO of awesome, saying she is NOT A BRAND. And I'm gonna give a great big wooohooooo! Because there are moments when I think we, as authors, are sucking the life out the internet by being all I must have a brand and BUYMEBUYMEBUYME all the time. (And I know I myself have been guilty of this at times and I hate it when I get all fakey because I feel pressured to sell myself as a commodity. Ugh.) My (very abstract paraphrase of her) New Manifesto: The internet is fun! Enjoy it and stop trying to shout your message in everyone's face and omigod, you might actually make a connection with some of the slices of awesome lurking on the interwebz. (And accidentally sell something in the process.)

  • I might move to Beijing. This is still in the earliest of planning stages, but I am so freaking excited about the possibility of this that I had to share. Yay, China! (Maybe.)

  • The Sexorcist won Book of the Week! Cuz you guys rock. And for no other reason than cuz you guys rock. So check out the cool badge thing we won, y'all! --> -->

  • I am a force that sucks people into Romancelandia! My aunt got back into reading romance when I started, my mom started reading it when I started writing it, and many a friend have I gotten hooked on the HEA, I am happy to report. But now, I'm taking it to a new level. Corrupting writers! I have used my awesome powers of influence to lure one of my oldest friends, The Enabler (best superpower ever), over to the dark-side. She's joining Romance Writers of America and officially becoming one of us! Mwah-ha-ha! I am triumphant! My master plan at work!

That is all. Have you any awesomeness to report?


flchen1 said...

Whoa! You got some big news there, Vivi! Congrats on your romance-inspiring awesome self, and keep us posted on your maybe move! Woohooo!

Kali said...

I feel the need to bring you brownies and cake with sprinkles.

Vivi Andrews said...

Kali, Brownies and cake with sprinkles ALWAYS welcome!

flchen1, I will definitely keep you posted. Right now there are a lot of variables still up in the air, but just the idea is a huge distraction!