Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beware the Knitters

If you are a romance reader in the mood for some indignation and WTFery, pop on over to Smart Bitches and check out SB Sarah's analysis of Bloomberg BusinessWeek's recent look at the romance industry. Pull out your flasks, darlings, cuz this is a heck of a drinking game.

On the plus side of the article - yay, Romance! We're a growth industry, y'all! Long live the happily-ever-after!

In 2009 romance novel sales continued to defy industry trends, increasing to $1.4 billion, up $100 million, or 7.7 percent, from the previous year, according to Simba Information's annual Business of Consumer Book Publishing report. Romance now accounts for 14 percent of all works of fiction sold. Some 75 million people read at least one romance novel in 2009, and it's the top-performing category on the best-seller lists compiled by The New York Times, USA Today, and industry trade Publishers Weekly.

Of course, then he gets all patronizing. Here's a charming example of his take on the popularity of knitting & quilting themed romances:

The industry would seem challenged to find greater mundanity (bridge games? Wheel of Fortune reruns?), yet that's what the public is demanding.

Now, I'm not a crafty person, but I'm also of the opinion that mocking something just because it is a popular trend doesn't make you erudite and insightful. It makes you a dick. You can not get it (I do not understand the appeal of most domestic tasks - knitting, sewing, cooking, you name it), but at least respect the fact that it makes others happy. Dude.

Don't piss off the knitters, Bloomberg. They're armed and dexterous.

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