Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's My Birthday and I'll Give Stuff Away if I Want To

Which I do! Happy Birthday to me, y'all!

I'm 30 today! And since I'm the youngest in most of my peer groups, this doesn't actually freak me out so much, but I've decided today is going to be the day of Thirty Rocks! anyway.

How do I launch my thirties off right? With a contest, of course! I'm giving away a signed print copy of the Tickle My Fantasy anthology! How, you may be asking yourself, do I win this booty? Just leave a comment here at Das Blog telling me something deeply awesome about being thirty (or above) and then check back tomorrow to see if you won!

Simple, yes? Want another way to enter? Send me a tweet @ViviAndrews and tell me why 30 rocks. If you win and you already have TMF, a special super-seekrit alternate prize may just have to be arranged.

Good luck, boys and girls!


Kali said...

30 ROCKS Okay, I'll just provide a quote.

Time and Tide wait for no man,
but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.
- Robert Frost

Beth said...

For me, turning thirty was about the time I stopped getting carded. Not so cool that I was looking older, but then again, looking more mature helps more than hinders in most cases. It was also the first year I had a new job after being a single mom on welfare since my oldest was born when I was 19.

Jennifer Mathis said...

I haven't made it that far yet a year away but when I do I'd like to think it going to be a whoowho I made it moment. 30 rocks cause then ur old enough to be a cougar ?

Vivant said...

Happy birthday, Vivi!

30 ROCKS because it teaches you that age is just a number. You're still as fabulous as always, just a bit wiser and more experienced. Enjoy every minute of it!

Shea Berkley said...


Happy Birthday!!! Ummm, I can't actually remember turning thirty. My twenties and early thirties were my pregnant years and frankly, I functioned without my brain during that time.

Being thirty rocks cause you can now tell those younger than you the score and since you have the experience, you can say it with authority. Loved that part.

flchen1 said...

LOL, Vivi! Thirty rocks because you know so much more than you did when you were younger ;) Or something like that :D And you're just hitting the prime of your life! Enjoy!

Have a wonderful birthday, Vivi! Hope you enjoy the day, and may the year to come be one of joyful surprises and fulfilled dreams.


I loved thirty! I want to be thirty again or just the weight I was when I was thirty. Happy Birthday! And I already have your book.

Darynda said...

Happy birthday, you!!!

Thirty is a blur. I'm old now. Everything is a blur. OH I know! I started (yes, started) college when I was thirty. Okay, it's all coming back to me. THIRTY IS FUN! At least it was for me. And if I know you, Vivi, 30 will rock!

Enjoy your day!


Elisa Beatty said...

Happiest of Birthdays, Vivi!

Thirty seems SO YOUNG to me...but you still get to claim serious adulthood. Even forty seems young to me right now.

Enjoy that decade! It's an awesome one!

Hope Ramsay said...

Oh to be 30 again. I was a new mother and loving it. That baby is all grown up now. *sniff*

Just remember this -- In the years it takes to a make a woman wise, a young girl dies.

This is a ripoff of a lyric by David Wilcox, but I think it's apt for the occasion. Happy birthday.

Gwynlyn MacKenzie said...

Happy Birthday, Vivi!!

30 Rocks because all the angst of the teens and vacillating of the 20s is past. By 30, you have a pretty good grasp of who you are and where you want to be. You're more comfortable in your own skin, and more likely to give detractors the short shift they deserve.

Enjoy the decade, sweetie. And eat lots of cake. Chocolate is best!


sjwilling said...

Thirty was the year when I stunned all the nay-sayers and finally went back to college and finished my degree.

Something kinda fun about being a thirty year old college kid.


sjwilling said...
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Mrs. Missive said...

Well I hope 30 rocks! I will be thirty in just over a month as well. And thirty will rock because as I have gotten older I know that I can dish out the BS as well as just put up with it.

Let me get back to you in a couple weeks and let you know. :p

Sherry said...

For me turning thirty is when I came out of my shell and I felt like that's when I started living. A couple of my cousins just about had meltdowns when they turned thirty to me it was just a number. I'm now in my early 40's and I still feel like a teenager on the inside. I truly believe your only as old as you feel and act.


Thirty is special because you are really a woman and mature enough to
enjoy and make decisions. You are growing older but realized that your are getting better.


Vivi Andrews said...

Thank you so much to everyone for your birthday wishes and tips on the rockage of thirty! They were much appreciated.

I'm just back from my B-day dinner and barely functioning at the moment, so I'm going to post the contest winner in the morning when I'm more coherent. Please bear with me through the delay.