Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lightning Two Week Countdown!

T-minus 2 Weeks until Serengeti Lightning hits the virtual shelves, y'all! Are you psyched? Cuz me? I'm psyched.

In the third installment of the Serengeti Shifters series (disclaimer: these books actually take place in West Texas, not, you know, on the Serengeti), we return to the Three Rocks Pride and dig into the love-lives of the youngest Minor brother, Michael, and the pride's schoolteacher Mara (who, is a lioness and also what is known in the popular vernacular as a "cougar", hee hee).

In trying to decide what to say about the book, I'm thinking I'll let you, the reader, dictate. Tell me in the comments what you want to see in the two weeks leading up to release day.

Do you want plot teasers (no spoilers, I promise)? Character interviews? A book trailer? An ARC giveaway? Perhaps an excerpt or two?

It's time to Build Your Own Book Launch, boys and girls. You're in control.


Vivant said...

Character interviews, please! Actually, all of the ideas you listed sound great to me - is that too greedy?

Carly said...

One vote for excerpts! Anticipation is high.