Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet Cute

Have you ever thought of how the hero & heroine meet in your favorite romance novels? Have they known each other for years? Did she accidentally take his double shot mochaccino and he got her skinny carmel machiato at Starbucks? A chance encounter... paths crossing in the course of an investigation... coworkers... Whatever the meet, there's probably a romance novel for that.

And in this modern age, it seems like more and more real life happily-ever-afters are starting on the internet... so why aren't more romance meets taking place on the interwebz? Is it because the online meet up inherently lacks the romantic potential of love at first sight? Does the online connection still carry the stigma of desperation?

What do you think? What's your favorite kind of meet? And how did you meet your significant other? Would it make a good story?

1 comment:

Kali said...

I'm pretty sure there's more than a few novels where the waitress at a diner met her prince charming. Which is my story. Too bad my prince wasn't a millionaire...