Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reader Throwdown, or The Venn Diagram of Rockstars

Dear Minions,
I love it when you send me emails and leave notes on my blog. It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. Today I would like to chatter about a trend I have noticed in said notes and emails which I find fabulously entertaining. Are you ready? We're gonna call it, the Venn Diagram of YOU, my rockstar readers.

You see, boys and girls, you may not realize this, but you have factions. Observe:

On one side are the Karmic lovers. When is the next Karmic book coming out? you ask me. Will you write Karma's book? or, at times, why the hell is it taking you so damn long to write Karma's book?!

On the other side are the Shifter lovers. When will you write more shifters? you pester. What could possibly be more important than some hot lion lovin'?

And in the middle, the cross-section that makes the Venn all Venn-y, we have the Book Lovers. You beautiful people don't care what I put out next, as long as I get off my ass and put something out often. Voracious readers who need to be fed. What are you working on? When's it coming out? Why is it taking so long? Why do I have to wait sooo long? One more week? Might as well be forever!

For the record, darlings, I love all you factions equally. How could I not when I completely understand series favoritism as a reader myself? (Okay... I love you almost equally, I will confess a slight additional affection for the ones who encourage me to write whatever the hell I please as long as it comes out fast - you will notice that they got purple in the diagram. I love purple. But the favoritism ends there. You're on your own in the Battle Round, Purples.)

Now, you may be wondering why you should care about the fact that you have self-divided into factions. (Though I hope some of you are already picking out your Thunderdome costumes for some No Holds Barred Reader Deathmatching to determine which faction shall rule as my lieutenants when I become the Evil Overlord of the Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape.)

Yep, I've decided it's time to turn you against one another. (If there isn't at least a little bloodshed as a result, I will be highly disappointed.)

Dear Shifter-Lovers: The reason I do not have time to write another shifter book is because the Karmic Lovers are being so demanding. Insisting that I actually finish the series I started with them. (Sheesh, right?) Bring out the claws!

Dear Karmic Lovers: The reason you do not already have Karma's book in your hot little hands is that the Shifter Lovers came out in greater numbers and kicked and screamed until I wrote their novellas first. Unleash the demons!

Blame one another!

Dear Book Lovers: Feel free to get into this fight wherever you please. I hope you will be the lovely little chaos-makers in the middle, making sure things stay nice and riled up. Feel free to go all havoc-y and full-on Urban Fantasy Heroine with a Grudge or just chant "Fight fight fight fight!" if it makes you happy.

Y'all ready? Let's get ready to rrrrrumbllllllllle!

There can be only one... of me. Which is why I can't make everybody happy. Doing my best, boys and girl. Doing my best. Now back to my writing hole.


Brenda Hyde said...

I'm addicted to the Karmic stories...seriously LOVE them. But I can't do a smackdown with the shifter lovers though cause I dig shifters too. I actually suck at smackdowns in general. LOL Plus I really just want you to write-- as fast as humanly possible!

Carly m. said...

Yay, books! I'm sending happy and encouraging thoughts down to your writer hole.

Kali said...


And why is there no fight yet? I brought popcorn and I have no one to throw it at!

Vivant said...

My internal battle was epic. I love Karmic AND Shifters! I settled on Yay Books! BOOKS. If I were a zombie I would live on books instead of brains. Er, reading them, not eating them. And of course I would need MY brain to read the books. Maybe I need to re-think that analogy.

Back to the point - YAY BOOKS! WANT MORE!

Vivi Andrews said...

Dude, if the Zombie Apocalypse came down to reading, I would *totally* survive and decimate the illiterate hordes.

Have I mentioned lately that you ladies are awesome? Thank you!

I shall now return to writing as fast as humanly (or inhumanly, *insert evil laugh*) possible.