Monday, November 14, 2011

Tapping Out

I'm calling the fight, boys and girls. It's official. NaNo has won. I cede victory. I admit defeat - and yet don't feel even the least bit defeated. See, here's the thing. NaNo doesn't work for me. I have a system that has proven successful through um... kind of a lot of books, and that's what I need to keep doing. NaNo is a fabulous tool for lots of folks, but it doesn't do me any good. These first two weeks have been less productive than my normal weeks because the NaNo mindset just screws me up.

So even though I'm giving up, this is good news! I'm reinvigorated by being back in my normal work mode. "I yield" is my battle cry!

Nothing works for everyone, so do what works for you. And try not to get suckered in when your fellow writers are gushing about how amazing this one thing is and you'll love it if only you try it - trying new things is good and all, but don't let it derail you. Every writer's process is different. Mine apparently does NOT include NaNoWriMo.

How's your November going? Are you NaNo-ing? Getting geared up for the holidays? Enraged by the presence of Christmas commercials? See, I am kind of loving the Christmas commercials this year because I'm traveling and there is NO SNOW here. Without the Christmas commercials, how would I even know it was winter?

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