Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Manner of Exciting Things

For anyone wondering if I fell off the edge of the world in the last couple days, fear not. I'm just helping look after my sister's kids for a few days while she and her husband take a little vacation and DAMN, I do not know how you folks who have miniature people living with you full time manage to find a second to yourselves. And yet, in spite of my distraction, I'm a font of exciting news this morning. (Well, exciting to me. Humor me.)

1. Winners! A couple days ago I promised prizes - and prizes ye shall have! The winners of their choice of The Sexorcist (print), The Ghost Exterminator (print), or Ghosts of Boyfriends Past (ebook ARC) are:


Congratulations! Please email me at to claim your prize!

2. The Tagline Verdict! It's official, boys and girls, YOU the readers have spoken and the tagline getting the most votes - which was also one of my favorites so I'm pretty jazzed - IS:

Spark and Snark in the Dark.

Which is also kind of awesome because one of my best friends has a slight obsession with Spark in the Dark Life-Savers and I have many fond memories involving them.

Now, for the moment I'm kinda swamped (seriously, how do parents function?), but I'll whip up a new header in the next week or so and get that shiny new tagger up and on display. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped at all stages of the brainstorming and picking process. And to Gwynlyn, who supplied the winning tagline, I'll be in touch about arranging your reward for tagging services rendered.

Next up on the Gushing Agenda...

3. Librarian Love! Ghosts of Boyfriends Past was written up in the Library Journal (and I love me some libraries so I'm pretty giddy here) and my goodness, was it ever positive!

"Verdict: Paranormal fans and romance lovers will love this playful story; its light sexual content yet heavy emotional substance provides a delightful, satisfying read.—Jennifer Harris, Mercyhurst Coll. Lib., Erie, PA"

Let's all send some mad love to Jennifer Harris for being sublimely awesome. Woot!

And lastly...

4. Sins on Shelves! A friend here in snowy Alaska sent me a snap she took at my local bookstore. Now, I don't expect much from a print release because, well, I've seen my numbers and I know that ninety-five percent of my readers have their Kindles & Nooks surgically welded to their hands (as well you should), so imagine my surprise when what should my local bookstore have but four copies of Serengeti Sins sitting on the shelves! It's almost like they expect people to buy them! How 'bout that? I'm all aflutter.

I'll have to go down there and see the clutter of books for my very own self - right after I de-kid-ify. (Don't really want the kiddos associating the bare midriff cover with their favorite auntie until they're a lot older. We already have the weirdest conversations starting with why. Trying not to open that particular can of worms.)

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