Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get Your Curse On

It's that day, ladies and gentlemen! The moment has arrived! That day you've been dreaming of... Bachelor Recap Day! Glee's Winter Season Kick-off! The second episode of the second season of Switched At Birth! (And don't you dare mock my love of cheesy ABC Family schlock.) The day when I map out a quadruple feature to try to watch all the Golden Globe Winners I'd never heard of! Okay, yes, it's all of those, but also... drumroll please...

Ghosts of Boyfriends Past release day!

Curses. Ghosts. Studly reporters. (Envision McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy. Well, hello there...)

Add in a little bit o' Valentine's falling in love and you've got Ghosts of Boyfriends Past.

I've gotta say, y'all, I'm super excited about this one. It's not a Karmic Consultants book, but while it stands on its very own, it has a lot of the quirk and lighthearted goofiness that readers may expect from the KC series. So if you're looking for some love and laughter with a touch of magic and a lot of heart to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day, you may wanna take a peek...

Letting him in could mean losing him forever.

Elizabeth “Biz” Marks has the magic touch when it comes to matters of the heart—except her own. In a slightly tipsy fit of loneliness, she once tried to harness a little love mojo to work in her favor. Instead the spell mutated into a nightmarish curse that kills off her boyfriends on her favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day.

With three permanently ex-boyfriends on her conscience and another hearts-and-flowers holiday approaching, the last thing she needs is a too-gorgeous-to-be-true reporter snooping around.

Biz just has extraordinarily bad luck, or she’s a bona-fide Black Widow who bumps off her boyfriends for a chunk of the inheritance money. Either way, Mark Ellison is sure there’s a story here. Especially when his attempts to charm her send her into a panic.

The harder Biz tries to keep Mark and his beguiling dimples as far away as possible, the harder he digs to get at the truth. Now she’s beginning to wonder if his is the love that will finally break the curse...or if she’ll be burying her heart along with him.

Product Warnings: This book contains curses, meddling ghosts, nosy neighbors and enough peppermint Schnapps to drown the inhibitions of even the most cautious witch.

Check it out from Amazon :: Samhain :: B&N.

In my usual release day tradition, I'll be visiting the Samhain Cafe to chat and share excerpts (around 3:00pm EST). Swing on by and say howdy!


Vivant said...

Happy Release Day! I know what I'll be reading tonight!

Vivi Andrews said...

Thank you! And happy reading! :D

Kali Robaina said...

It's about time!
Just so you know exactly how excited I am about this, I'm setting aside Lothaire to read this.

Vivi Andrews said...

Oh wow. That seems a little extreme, Kali. I don't think I would set aside Kresley Cole for lil ole me. Hope it lives up to your excitement!

elaing8 said...

Happy Release Day!!!!