Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Step Aside, Catwoman...

There's a new super in town and she's FULL of BADASSNESS.

That's right boys and girls, we have art. Super Art. Full of Super Sexiness. You know you wanna whip on your cape and cheek-bone disguising mask and hie off to do some Derring Do. Oh yeah. You know it.

What's this you're looking at? It's the cover art for Midnight Justice - the superhero anthology featuring yours truly, the fabulous Ms. Jodi Redford and the marvelous Ms. Kimberly Dean. Coming to a brick and mortar store near you in... wait for it... wait a little longer... a little more than a year... YEP, that's right. Spring of 2013. So... really really admire that art, you guys, cuz it's gonna be a while before you can hold it.

So what thinks you? You like?