Monday, September 30, 2013

Karma Countdown! 8 Days!

T-minus 8 days until Naughty Karma releases, boys and girls!  Who's excited?  (Confession: I am freakishly excited about this book.  I can't wait until you guys can read it!!!)

I'm whipping up a quick and dirty recap of the series as a brush-up for folks who don't have time to re-read the whole series but want a reminder of who's who in the Karmic world - and in the process I'm having fun reminiscing and thought I'd throw it over to you guys.

Who was your favorite couple or character?  Who are you most hoping to see in a cameo in Naughty Karma?  What are your favorite Karmic moments? 
 Any votes for Mia and Chase locked in the pantry by her grandmother for Seven Minutes in Heaven from Finder's Keeper? (Which releases in print TOMORROW!!!)

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