Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: Naughty Karma Countdown

I've been doing Teaser Tuesdays on my Facebook page for Naughty Karma and I thought the non-FB types might want to take a peek too, so today we have a sneak peek inside this upcoming Karmic release.  Prometheus and Karma... well, they have a somewhat confrontational start...
“You wanted war? Well, you’d better brace your ass because war is exactly what you’re going to get.”
Bring it on. Prometheus barely stopped himself from issuing the challenge. It was hard to remember when looking into her fiery brown eyes that going toe-to-toe with Karma wasn’t his end game. Step One had been to make it so the ice queen couldn’t ignore him—mission accomplished there.
Step Two might be trickier. Cooperation had never been his strong suit, but he needed hers. “As it happens, I don’t want war. I want your help.”
“You’ve done an excellent job of making sure I couldn’t care less what you want.”
“Not even if it comes with a truce? No more pranks, no more curses. I’ll be on my best behavior.” For all that’s worth. “Helping me is a small price to pay for peace of mind.”
“No.” She pivoted toward the open door, revealing the plunge of the backless dress. He lost his smile. She was bare to the small of her back, the soft curve of her spine vulnerable, exposed, lickable, but Prometheus had more pressing concerns than the itch to tease every inch of her silky skin.
He reached out a mental hand and slammed the door shut. “We aren’t done here.” Power thrummed in his voice. Life or death had always sounded foolishly dramatic, but when it was his death, that changed things substantially. He didn’t bother playing nice—not that he ever did.
Karma spun back to him, eyes widening as the lights in the shop flickered in reaction to the energy surge coming off his body. “Excuse me?”
“I was willing to play by your rules, do things your way, but you turned me down. Now you’re on my turf and you will hear me out.”
“Do you really think threatening me will help your case?”
“This isn’t threatening. When I’m threatening you, you’ll know.” Though she had a point. He took a slow breath, trying to dial down the current of power coursing through him. It was always easier to let it out than it was to get it back in the box.
Her mouth fell open. “When? When you’re threatening me? My God, Prometheus. Is that supposed to make me want to help you?”
“You don’t need to call me a god. That’s a different Prometheus.”
“You really don’t get it, do you? You can’t bully me into helping you. Especially not after you’ve spent the last year doing everything you can to piss me off.”
“It wasn’t the last year. I’ve really only been focused on aggravating you for the last six months. Everything before that was just a coincidence.”
What do you think, darlings?  You like?  Want more? 

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