Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Epubs, the Red-headed Step-child

Saw an interesting article at the Electronic & Small Press Author's Special Interest Chapter of Romance Writers of America today. Dierdre Knight on ePubs and RWA. http://espan-rwa.com/the-digital-age-and-rwa-a-call-for-change/

Very well said. Now, will it make any difference? Are they listening?


Vivant said...

Thanks for sharing this excellent essay. It articulates the issues and follows through to clearly illustrate the illogical and potentially self-destructive aspects of RWA's current position.

As an avid reader who is not a writer I appreciate the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the industry that supports my "habit" and its struggles to change...or not change, as the case may be.

I read in both print and electronic formats, and find excellent books and poor books in both arenas. I want to see authors who excel supported by their industry regardless of the format in which they publish.

RWA might want to consider that although ostriches can run very fast they don't make much progress while their heads are in the sand.

Vivi Andrews said...

My membership in RWA has been a real benefit to me, but a lot of that is due to my local chapter and the people I've met at conferences. The National organization's position on epubs is... disappointing. We'll see. This is going to be an interesting year at the National Conference.


The RWA must move forward or be left behind.