Monday, June 22, 2009

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow

T-minus one day (technically a bunch of hours) til Serengeti Heat Release Day! The fur's about to fly, baby. Wooohoooooooooo! Are you excited?

Those of you who were with me for the Ghost Shrink launch may remember that I went a little nuts around release day. I'm still nuts, but I'm learning moderation.

**Tangent: Most awesomest quote ever: "Moderation is for monks. To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites." -Robert Heinlein.

So it's release day and that means I will be a whirling dervish of internet goodness all week! I will be popping up unexpectedly to surprise people all over these nifty interwebz, but here's the lowdown on where you can definitely find me this week and some nifty opportunities to learn more about Serengeti Heat (and maybe even win a copy for your very own)!
  • Stop by the Samhain Cafe tomorrow morning (starting around 7:30PST) where I'll be chatting up a storm with my Shifting Dreams anthology mate Robie Madison and all the Samhellion regulars!
  • Check out the Samhain Blog tomorrow where the Shifting Dreams Trio will all be chiming in to gab about the men of our heroines' dreams.
  • Don't forget to scavenge madly for the IWOF Summer Breeze Contest, on-going all week.
  • Be sure to swing back here to the blog later this week when I will be doing my first ever author interview! I'm picking the minds of my Shifting Dreams fellows, Kinsey W. Holley and Robie Madison. First one coming this Thursday!
  • And this Wednesday, the Shifting Dreams Trio will be chatting it up at Romance Excerpts Only in the early afternoon (12:00-1:30PST).

Don't miss out on the Release-y Goodness! Sexy lions! Summer heat! We're steamin' it up, people.

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