Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friending and other odd ends...

For anyone who had trouble viewing the Serengeti Heat trailer, it is now available on YouTube! Check it out. You can even give it a rating!

And Facebook has added this nifty feature which makes it a heck of a lot easier to find people. Usernames! So if you want to friend me, I'm here: Or if you want to become a fan of me (Dude, how narcissistic is it to even say that?), I think this is the right link:

Tangent Warning!

So, I'm a language nerd. I am utterly fascinated by the way Facebook is corrupting the word "friend." Recently, I was talking to a friend (standard definition) of mine about the distinction between a Facebook friend and a friend friend - the two terms not being mutually exclusive. More like a Venn diagram.

What was cracking up my friend (standard definition) was the fact that two of her Facebook friends, both of whom have personally expressed extreme dislike for the other to her, had become Facebook "friends" with one another. Apparently, the word "friend" on Facebook really only indicates that you are in any way connected with the person and want to keep tabs on their online activity. Which is weird. And kind of stalkerish.

And the use of friend as a verb? What's that all about? Is it so hard to add "be" to the beginning? But no, people do not befriend one another on Facebook. They friend. I'm kinda waiting for another word to take over the standard definition of "friend" now that Facebook has claimed those six letters for its own. What do you think? Chum? Cohort? Crony? Familiar? Pal? Mate? Buddy? But is buddy already taken? Buddy lists... we're losing words, people! The internet is sucking them up and altering their definitions! Ahhhhhh!

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memi said...

It is further disturbing that my initial instinct upon reading this post was to look for and subsequently click the "Like" button.

*Sigh* Sign of the apocalypse, I tell you.