Friday, June 26, 2009

Good News, Bad News, Great News

So I woke up this morning and broke out the puzzle. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out last week's Anticipation Vacation post.) Why did I feel the need to jig some saws? (Or saw some jigs, not really sure which is more apt.) I hadn't received an "official" review yet for Serengeti Heat and I was starting to get a little nervous. Would they be awful? Did it really matter if they were? Good bad or ugly, I just wanted to know where I stood.

So I poured 1000 puzzle pieces onto the table and got to work distracting my brain. When I finished the edge, I let myself check for reviews. The good news? I got reviewed! Woohooooooo! The less-than-good news? Mrs. Giggles, the fabulously opinionated reviewer, did not care for my story. She rated me a 61. Heave sigh. "This story isn't bad." And it's "readable." Well... that's a positive thing. Sorta.

I'm not gonna argue with the reviewer, because I know how useless that would be (and I'm a little afraid of her), but I kinda think (please, don't hurt me, Mrs. Giggles!) that she stopped paying attention when I used a trope she didn't like. Because I, um, I don't think my characters end up together based solely the "mate" thing and the "heat" thing, though Mrs. Giggles is the second to suggest it. I'm kinda bummed that I didn't manage to make my story clear. Have you read it? Did you think they only paired off because of pheromones? (Not that I'm knocking pheromones. I love me some pheromones.)

But that's enough less-than-good, we're moving onward! On to rockin' good news! Which clearly outweighs that one less-than-good bit.

1) Serengeti Heat is #1 at MBaM for the second day! And Kinsey Holley's Kiss & Kin is at #2! Woohooooooooooo!
2) Two readers over at the All Romance Ebooks bookstore have rated my book at five hearts! I love you, readers. I didn't know ARe did ratings. Did you know? Where have I been?
3) Amanda Haffery of Paranormal Romance Reviews says, "Mouthwateringly delicious and downright mesmerizing, Serengeti Heat is scrumptious to the last page." Good Gosh A'mighty, that's a nice bit of a thing to say about something. Thank you, Ms. Haffery!

So yeah, all in all, it's a pretty awesome day. I can now put away the puzzle. After I finish it, of course. I can't leave something like that undone. It'll drive me nuts.



Yay for pheromones! Which came first the chemistry or the love? Can you have love without chemistry? Can you have chemistry without lo....stupid question.

Anonymous said...

I loved the story and I don't agree that pheromones are the reason they are together. I thought they truly fell in love, pheromones just gave them a push. Thanks for a great story!!!
Tanya H.

Vivi Andrews said...

Thank you, Tanya! Hooray for pheromone pushes and true love! Take that, Mrs. Giggles!

(Dude, if Mrs. G ever reads this I am one dead scribbler. That woman scares the bejeezus out of me. Which is, of course, my highest compliment.)