Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Serengeti Heat: Release Day!

... or night. Since it's just past midnight and I don't think the book has actually gone live yet, but I'm still freakishly psyched. It's Release Day! Woohoooooooooooooooo!

ISBN: 978-1-60504-613-6
The fur’s about to fly…

Ava Minor is done being the good girl. As the smallest and weakest in a pride of shape-shifting lions where size and strength rule, she’s never had any choice but to toe the line. Now, with sexy, nomadic alpha Landon King winning control of the pride, she grabs her one chance to let her inner feline out to play.

Landon would rather focus on reforming the antiquated traditions of his new pride than taking a mate…until the rebellious Ava crosses his path. All his noble intentions go up in flames, incinerated by the heat she exudes—especially when he realizes she’s in heat.

Ava, knowing she isn’t mate material, is determined to revel in one wild night before she’s sent back to her place in the pride pecking order.

Except Landon has no intention of letting his daring, seductive lioness go…

Warning: This book contains sizzling heat, adult language, no-holds-barred cat fights, and hot shifter lovin’ with an alpha male who takes inspired leadership all the way to the bedroom.

But that's not all! Two more hot shifter novellas are also releasing today.

by Kinsey W. Holley
ISBN: 978-1-60504-612-9
Brotherly love? Oh hell no…

On the surface, court reporter Lark Manning looks like the luckiest girl in the world, blessed with great friends and a wonderful family. Underneath, she harbors a hopelessly unrequited love for the sexy werewolf everyone thinks of as her cousin. Taran rarely notices her except to condescend or lecture. He’s treated her the same way since she was eight years old, and there’s no reason to think he’ll ever change.

Taran Lloyd, a detective in the Houston Police Department’s Shifters Investigations Unit (SHIU), lives for those rare moments he gets to spend around Lark, torturing himself with what he can’t have. Kin only by marriage, she thinks of him as her big brother. He couldn’t bear her pity—or her disgust—if she learned he wants her for his mate.

When weres from a rival pack attack her, Lark screams out the first name that comes to mind—Taran. Only this sexy alpha can keep her safe until they find out who wants her dead, and why. But keeping her safe means keeping her close. And the closer they get, the harder it gets for these not-really-cousins to honor their commitment to keep their paws off.

by Robie Madison
ISBN: 978-1-60504-614-3
Three days. One wish. If the Fairy Queen keeps her promise…

Workaholic web designer Megan Jones exudes sensible and practical by day, but in her dreams she truly lives. Her nights are filled with erotic trysts with a dream lover—who also defends her against the dangerous wild stallion of her nightmares.

When she inherits a Victorian-era Welsh locket, she opens it to a shocking revelation. The tiny portrait of a black-haired man with a sardonic smile is none other than the man in her dreams. There’s only one way to learn the truth about him—head to her ancestral home town in Wales.

A member of the ancient race of Tylwyth Teg, Owain Deverell has spent the last 170 years suspended between man and beast—punishment for loving a human woman. Weary of his cursed existence, and longing to be more than the object of Megan’s dream desire, he strikes a bargain with the Fairy Queen. In exchange for retaining his human form, she grants him three days to win Megan’s unconditional love.

Or remain the object of her nightmares. Forever.
And don't forget to check yesterday's "Tomorrow" post for info on events going on during release week!


Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to all of these! Congrats! :D

Vivant said...

Congrats on release day!

I can't wait to read all about these dreamy, steamy shifters!

Vivi Andrews said...

Thank you! I hope you love them all! I'm lucky to be part of this rockin hot anthology.

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading Serengeti Heat and I absolutely loved it! Landon was just swoon-worthy perfect and Ava was easily relatable. I can't wait to read more of what you have to write.

Vivi Andrews said...

Oh, wow! Thank you! So far the feedback has been so positive. I'm just giddy.


Congrats! How exciting! I can't wait to read it.

Kate Diamond said...

Yay! Happy Release Day! May your sales be many and your reviews top-notch.

Vivant said...

Clearly I'm not the only one loving Serengeti Heat -- you rocketed to MBAM's number 2 sales spot on your very first day! Congratulations, Vivi!