Saturday, October 3, 2009

Banned Books

Oops! It's Banned Books Week and I almost missed it!

To celebrate "Censorship? We don't need no stinkin' censorship!" Kaye Chambers and I will be chatting it up at the Samhain Cafe today at 6pm EST. Much fun to be had... and maybe a book or two being given away. Swing on by and say hello!

UPDATE: In honor of Banned Books Week, I'm having a mini-contest. Send an email to by midnight tonight (EST) and tell me which of my books you think is most likely to be banned and why. I'll randomly select a winner who will receive that ban-worthy book. Good luck!

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Kate Diamond said...

Guilt! GUILT! I didn't post about Banned Book Week on DSW. But I totally encouraged my students to read a banned book... so I guess I did spread the word to 100+ captive kiddos.