Saturday, October 24, 2009

Let It Begin!

We've reached countdown days, ladies and gentlemen! The Ghost Exterminator: A Love Story comes out in T-minus three days! (Or four, if you're counting today. Are you counting today?)

What does that mean? Well, my darlings, it means I will be a Blogging Dervish until that puppy hits the shelves (e-shelves only, print release in 2010). Check out the schedule:

Today: Join me at the Damned Scribbling Women Blog where I will find ways to vaguely imply that Oscar Wilde endorses my book!

Tomorrow: Double Dip into the blogosphere for a delicious Sunday treat. Nikki Duncan's October Blog Party welcomes me (opportunities for FREE STUFF including an E-READER over at Nikki's blog EVERY DAY!!!). I'll be talking about the sizzling smexxy tension of a love/hate relationship.

And, speaking of e-readers... also tomorrow, I'll be at the Ruby-Slippered-Sisterhood blog providing what I hope is a user-friendly primer on those new-fangled e-reading devices.

Then, on Monday the Raven Happy Hour group is having a Halloween Bash! We got your excerpts! We got your free stuff! You don't want to miss it. (And don't forget the Raven Happy Hour Halloween Hunt going on NOW!)

Also on Monday... the illustrious Ms. Mary Hughes (dude, how awesome is she? Are you half as psyched as I am about Bite My Fire releasing Tuesday?) has allowed me to pontificate all over her website (I promise to clean up after myself). So be sure to check out my "Anti-Workshop Manifesto" rant.

Then it's TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY and I'll be at the Samhain Cafe and the Samhain Blog for RELEASE DAY!

Brace yourself, boys and girls, it's gonna be a helluva four (three?) days!

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