Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo! Early Bird Special!

It's aliiiiiiiive. (Ghosts, Frankenstein... Okay, so I'm mixing my Halloween references, but I'm just too excited to limit myself to one.)

The Ghost Exterminator is live at My Bookstore and More! It's early! Check it out: And while you're there, check out the other fab books releasing tomorrow, including some shapeshifter yumminess and Mary Hughes' Bite My Fire, villed vit vampire hilaaarity. Ah-ah-ah. (That was supposed to be a Count voice.)

Mary has my Workshops are the Antichrist rant up on her blog today if you wanna swing by and leave your opinions.

And, because this is just too cute for words, I give you a pic I snapped yesterday of my own little ghosts. My niece, Princess Rambo, and my nephew, Danger Boy. Booooooooo...


Vivant said...

Yay, The Ghost Exterminator is mine, all mine...and it isn't even Tuesday yet! It's like going to a midnight showing of a long-awaited movie on release day.

Thanks for the tip, and may your sales be monstrously large, as befits the season!

Mary Hughes said...

I've got mine!

Vivi Andrews said...

Thank you, ladies! Rrrowr, sales!

Mary, can't wait to start Bite My Fire. The excerpts you posted at the Cafe were sooooo tantalizing.


Big congrats!