Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Handful of Books

Five! Five is a beautiful number. Hold up all your fingers. Isn't that fun? I've been doing that all week, and now that the ink is dry, I can tell you why (and it ain't cuz I want to be in a Subway commercial).

I sold my fifth book to Samhain!

The third Karmic Consultants story will release as an ebook this spring. It's gonna be a busy year. The Ghost Exterminator this month. The Tickle My Fantasy print anthology in December. Serengeti Storm in January. And now, both the Shifting Dreams print anthology and a new Karmic Consultants ebook in April.

I've certainly got plenty to be thankful for, so a big ole HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all you Canadians out there. Enjoy your holiday!



You sooooooo deserve it!

Vivi Andrews said...

Thanks, Kelly!

Vivant said...

Your fifth sale and two releases in the same month? Congratulations!