Friday, October 30, 2009

Go! Play! Win!

This is your last (ultimate! ain't no more!) reminder to GO SCAVENGE! The Raven Happy Hour Halloween Hunt happeneth until Tomorrow Only! Then it will be over! Finito! (Ain't no more!) I send you forth with no hints (Jo was six... Jo was six...), cuz hints are TOTALLY CHEATING. (Jo was six.)

And, in months to come, checken Sie out das Sidebar, meine Damen und Herren. (Translation: Look! A sidebar!) If I trip across ongoing contests that I think are cool (or if someone trips me and demands I include their cool contest), I will post it over there -->>. Cool?

And in case you're wondering why I am so freaking hyper today, there are two reasons.

1) I finished the first draft of The Naked Detective! (eep! eep!) I am now in the process of finding all of the hysterical typos inside it. For example, in Chapter Nine, my heroine wears "four-inch hells". Hee hee.

2) Somebody (you know who you are...) told me my Halloween novel The Ghost Exterminator was a "four alarm hoot". I about passed out from glee.

Happy Eve o' Halloween, y'all!

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