Thursday, October 8, 2009

RWA Photo Journal #2 - RITA/Golden Heart Awards Ceremony

My pictorial accounting of the RWA National Conference continues... it's Saturday, the day of the big ole RITA/Golden Heart Awards Ceremony.

Photo #13: At the Golden Heart Rehearsal thingy, I see The Room. It's... uh... kinda big. (This photo is taken from beneath the giant floating head screen.)

Photo #14: Kelly Fitzpatrick and I primp for Awards Night and this is the result. I couldn't make my hair do anything I wanted it to all night. *sigh*

Photo #15: We arrive early (because we're supposed to and I'm nothing if not an obeyer of rules - when I like the rules). The room is slowly starting to fill. Please note 1) the room is freaking huge. Yes, that is the screen on which people's giant floating heads are projected. And 2) everyone who is already seated is texting. Yee-haw technology.
Before the ceremony starts, I go a little nuts and take pictures of everyone...

Photo #16: It's Sara Ramsey & Terry!

Photo #17: Jenn Bray-Weber looks too gorgeous for words seven months pregnant. (This is a very early shot of her precious little girl.)

Photo #18: Heather McCollum and her kilt-wearing hubby. (I know, I know, I should have gotten a shot of the kilt. Mea culpa.)

Photo #19: Me and Amanda Brice.

Photo #20: Best Picture Ever! Is it me and Sara Ramsey? Why, yes, it is. But what's this? Who's that in the background? Could that possibly be ELOISA-areyoufreakingkiddingme-JAMES and JULIA-ohmyfreakinggod-QUINN sitting right behind us? Why, yes. I do believe it is. (And we totally knew they were back there and slouched down as much as we could to try to squeeze them into the shot. Fan-obsessed? Okay, maybe a little.)

The ceremony commences.

Photo #21: Sara looks like a rockstar giving her speech. She sounds poised and fabulous.

Photo #22: I look like an idiot giving my speech. What the hell kind of face is that to make? I must have made it the entire time because every picture of me looks like that. Ugh.

Photo #23: Oooooh... Is that a Golden Heart? Or, dare I say, two?

Photo #24: Doesn't Shelli Stevens look fabulous?

Photo #25: Look, Ma! It's a speech! Note: The scribbling random words on your palm method is not a recommended speech-giving procedure.

Photo #26: Because Golden Heart Winners are totally dignified. Heh. Yeah. Dignified.


Vivant said...

Great pics! Fun to see you giving "hand-written speech" a whole new meaning.

So much pulchritude and talent in one place.

I predict that 10 years from now you'll be the one the Golden Heart finalists are trying to get into the background of their photos.

Vivi Andrews said...

LOL. I wish.