Sunday, January 3, 2010

For No Apparent Reason...

I started thinking about words that I use way too much today. Not in my writing. In my speech. They are words and phrases I actually can't use in my writing because I use them so much I actually think of them as me-isms and therefore since I am not writing stories about myself, it would be really weird if my characters said them. Especially if they said them as often as I do. Right?

Here is a short list of my daily-use words (in no particular order):
  • slice of awesome
  • Jeez-ma-crow
  • cool beans
  • wonky
  • whacked out
  • dumb as a box of rocks
  • rockstar
  • that/he/she/it rocks so hard and/or rocks my socks (can also be used as a question e.g. "how hard does that rock?")

And lots and lots of "the swearz" that are not appropriate for public consumption.

I think I cycle through words. I remember freshman year of college we called everything "A-maaaay-zing." Now, I don't think I call anything amazing anymore. I wonder what my most popular phrases will be this time next year?

What about you? Do you have any you-isms?

1 comment:

Vivi Andrews said...

I forgot to include "Strong like Bull" - which should always be accompanied by gratuitous flexing.