Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Release Day!

Serengeti Storm is here! Which means I'm holding my breath until I turn blue, waiting to find out if it lives up to expectations. Blue is such a flattering color on me, you know.

In addition to the breath-holding, I am also at the Samhain Cafe today posting lots of excerpts and generally gabbing about the book. Ask me a question, any question and I will answer it.

So far, the most common question seems to be "Why Shana?" People who read Serengeti Heat didn't like her. Well, yeah, she's a total bitch. But she's the way she is for a reason... and even manipulative felines need lovin'. So, yes, Zoe's story is coming, but give Shana a try. She may surprise you. And if you really hate her, you can always send me hate mail. I've never gotten hate mail before, so the experience would be novel.

And, just in case you wanted a giggle, Amazon has listed Serengeti Storm as a Western. It takes place in Texas, yes, but there are no cowboys and a bunch of people change into lions. Western, Paranormal, Western, Paranormal... I can see how it's easy to mix those two up. Hopefully readers aren't disappointed by the lack of spurs.

Be sure to visit tomorrow thru Friday, reader-friend, when I'll be giving away scads of books.


Vivant said...

Hmm...I'll bet Shana would like spurs. Or whips. Or maybe a lasso to capture Caleb and tie him up.

But calling this a Western?
What are they thinking!?

Vivi Andrews said...

Heh, heh, heh. Yeah, I'm a little afraid of what Shana would do with some spurs.