Monday, October 7, 2013

Countdown to Karma! (One Day More!) Recap the Last: The Naked Detective

Naughty Karma releases TOMORROW and I am just a teensy little bit excited about this book.  But before it comes out, we have one final Karmic Refresher to do: The Naked Detective.


The Naked Detective opens as The Sexorcist is nearing it's finale.  It's the day of the wedding and everything is going wrong.  Since Chase is in Bali on his honeymoon with Mia, Karma has just called her other best finder to help locate Lucy's missing wedding dress.  Ciara would be at the wedding herself, but Ciara never ever leaves the house...

The Naked Detective

Ciara Liung has an unbelievable record when it comes to locating lost or stolen items - but the psychic ability that causes this success also triggers unbearable psychic feedback whenever her skin is touched.  Forced to shut herself off from the world, she spends most of her days floating naked in her pool, locating items in places she will never be able to go.

Federal Agent Nate Smith doesn't trust anything that's too good to be true - and the Jewelry & Gemstone Division's "consultant" with a perfect record is exactly that.  Especially because she can only recover the stolen jewels, not necessarily catch the thieves.  Recently reassigned to be her liaison after being wounded in action, Nate is certain the so-called psychic is a crook running some scam with the thieves, and until he can figure out what her angle is, he isn't letting her out of his sight.

When a priceless necklace belonging to the royal family of Monaco is stolen from an American exhibit, Nate brings the case to Ciara, but insists on sticking with her while she "searches" for the missing jewels.  Unwilling to strip down in front of the surly (and sexy) federal agent, Ciara tries to do a find with her clothes on, but the fabric provides too much static and she is only able to determine that the necklace is in Atlantic City.

Nate blackmails Ciara into coming to Atlantic City with him, threatening to do a federal probe of all Karmic Consultants activities (and while Ciara is sure Karma's actions are all ethical, she's not so sure about the legality).  To protect the only people who have ever treated her like she wasn't a freak for her abilities, Ciara leaves the safety of her house for the first time in years and goes with Nate.

In Atlantic City, Ciara struggles for days to get a lock on the necklace because Nate is keeping her on such a tight leash she can't sneak away and get nekkid in the water to track it down. Still, the limping Fed is protective and gruffly charming.  If he wasn't so convinced she was a crook, she could almost like him.

When she sees a dunk tank on the pier, Ciara jumps at her chance.  She pulls away from Nate - taking advantage of the fact that he can only move so fast after the bullet that ravaged his thigh muscles - and weaves through the crowd, dodging contact.  At the dunk tank, she strips down and jumps in, activating her gift.

Nate arrives and reaches in to fish her out - but as soon as he touches her, with the water amplifying her abilities, she begins to seize, swallowing water and thrashing, and he can't get the leverage to pull her out.  Ciara knows she's going to drown - when suddenly something shifts and the psychic feedback vanishes. 

Nate hauls her out and the two flee the pier before Ciara can be arrested for indecent exposure.  She knows that the necklace is at the Borgata - but even more exciting, she can touch people.  She kisses Nate, just to see if she can - and boy can she. 

They go to the Borgata, where Ciara believes the necklace is being hidden in a room safe.  She goes a little wild with her newfound ability to touch - shopping, gambling, and dancing with Nate.  It's at the dance club where she sees a woman from her vision and they chase her through the casino and hotel - but the bad guys are onto Ciara & Nate and get the drop on them.  Nate goes all badass Federal Agent and saves the day - with Ciara's help, of course - and they recover the necklace. 

Ciara can't seem to stop touching Nate - and he doesn't mind that a bit.  He believes in her abilites now - and has realized that his damaged leg doesn't have to cripple his life.  And they all live happily ever...

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