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Countdown to Karma! Recap #4: The Sexorcist

The Countdown to Karma (TWO MORE DAYS!!!) continues today with a refresher course on The Sexorcist!


It's a few weeks after the end of Finder's Keeper.  Chase and Mia are about to elope and run off to Bali on their honeymoon.  Wyatt and Jo are living together (though she's resisting all of his attempt to propose to her).  And Lucy and Jake are gearing up for their big white wedding - The Big Day is a little over three weeks away and... well... things aren't exactly going smoothly in the planning department.

The Sexorcist

Brittany Hylton-VanDeere believes in love at first sight and that belief is not limited to love of the person-to-person variety.  She falls in love with Karmic Consultants from the second she arrives there to apply for the receptionist position (which never seems to stay filled for more than a week due to all the odd happenings at KC). 

Unfortunately, Karma isn't sure the bubbly brunette who's never held a job (though she has helped her mother coordinate numerous charity functions) is right for the position.  But when Lucy and Jo burst in on Brittany's interview, frantic with the news that the latest wedding planner has just resigned and the baker is refusing to complete the wedding cake as ordered, Brittany steps in and smooths things over with the baker, earning herself the position of receptionist-slash-impromptu-wedding-planner. 

She's delighted with her success (delight being more or less Brittany's natural state) when her meeting is interrupted a second time.  This time by the most animalistically attractive specimen of masculinity she's ever laid eyes on: Rodriguez.

Karmic Consultants' resident exorcist Luis Rodriguez is having a crappy day.  He's just found out that the local desperate housewives have been intentionally summoning demons just so they can hire his studly tattooed self to exorcize them in an attempt to see which of them can get him into bed first.  Sick of being objectified by the idle rich, he is unimpressed with his boss's newest receptionist - especially when the bright-eyed brunette rear-ends him in the parking lot and then seems thrilled when he tells her that her car is possessed by a demon.

Brittany adores new experiences, but her enthusiasm over the demonic wanes when a creature with shark-like teeth chases her through the flower market where she has gone to secure the flowers for Lucy's cursed wedding. 

And it appears the wedding is indeed cursed.  Everything that can go wrong is going wrong, and Karma is now certain that there is a mischief demon interfering with the wedding.  She assigns Rodriguez to Brittany until they can locate and banish the demon. 

Rodriguez is baffled by Brittany's seemingly endless enthusiasm for everything (from filing to sandwich making), until one night when they are checking out a band for the reception and she reveals to him that she is a heart transplant survivor and tries to make a point of enjoying every opportunity her new lease on life has given her.  She throws herself into every new adventure - including the adventure of falling in love with him.

Brittany and Rodriguez field every new disaster the demon throws at them, but they are no closer to catching the demon himself, or the person who summoned him.  On the night of the rehearsal dinner, the demon spikes the punch at the after party and when Rodriguez drinks it, it plays on all his doubts about his relationship with Brittany.  When one of the housewives who summoned a demon in an attempt to bang Rodriguez recognizes Brittany from their country club, Rodriguez suspects the worst, believing Brittany was in on the bet to get him into bed and was just using him all along.

Hurt by his accusations, Brittany retreats home to her parents - who never supported her sojourn into the real world in the first place and would rather keep her wrapped in cotton for the rest of her life.  She just wants to hide until her new heart stops hurting - but the demon has other ideas.

As soon as the mischief demon kidnaps Brittany, everything at the wedding begins to unravel.  It turns out she is something of a Karmic good luck charm and without her chaos is taking over. (Lucy's dress is missing, among other catastrophes.)  Karma reads Rodriguez the riot act and sends him to save her receptionist.  

Realizing the housewives are involved, if only peripherally, he uses one of them to track down the mischief demon and rescues Brittany.  He banishes the demon - but not before the demon confesses that he was summoned by Prometheus to disrupt the wedding.  (And the demon also implies that Prometheus might be infatuated with Karma...)

Rodriguez apologizes and Brittany is quick to forgive him, not being the sort to hold onto anger or hurt.  Together, they return to the wedding where everything immediately begins to go right as soon as Brittany arrives. 

At the reception, they tell Karma that Prometheus was behind it all and she vows to shut the immoral warlock down once and for all... 

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