Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reviews, Reviews, Everywhere!

Naughty Karma has been on ereaders for a couple weeks now and more reviews are trickling in.  I confess I have been a bit more obsessive eager to hear what folks have to say about this one, reaching a new level of giddy whenever folks send me links via email and twitter.  And now I pass those links on to you!  So if you enjoy reading reviews, here's a feast for you.

(*Vivi takes a moment to wave to her grandma who reads all her reviews. Hi, Gran!*)

Today we have a short review with excerpt from A Romance Reader - "Loved it!" (Woot!)

And Long and Short Reviews awarded Naughty Karma 4.5 Stars!  "I recommend this for everyone who needs some powerful magic in their lives and their romances."  (Awwwww.)

And it isn't just Naughty Karma getting in on the review love this week.  Spinning Gold, my fairy tale romance retelling Rumpelstiltskin in a whole new light, was reviewed by "The Eater of Books" (love that handle) and awarded 4 Stars!  "I absolutely adored this book!"  (Squeee!!!)

So there you have it.  A bevy of reviews that were sent to me in the last little bit.  All in one yummy package.  Mmm, reviews.

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