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Countdown to Karma! Recap #3: Finder's Keeper

We resume our Countdown to Karma (T-minus three days!) with a recap of the science vs. psychics in the matter of true love book, Finder's Keeper, which has just released in print!  (Though the sixth story to be released, it takes place in the early spring following the October events of The Ghost Exterminator.)

You guys ready?  Let's do this.


Finder's Keeper

Neuroscientist Mia Corregianni is a born skeptic from a family that's large, loving and extremely superstitious.  They assign the credit for all the happy marriages in the family to an heirloom pocket watch which is passed around the family and believed to have been gifted to her great-great-grandfather by a gypsy.  Every year, the watch's guardian will find their soulmate and fall head-over-heels in love.

Mia avoided her turn with the watch as long as possible, but this is her year, and it's almost up.  Having finally decided that she might want the family-and-kids deal that the rest of her family are so hung up on, she agrees to give the watch a chance - but when she goes to take it out of her safe, it's missing.

Knowing her family will never forgive her if she's lost their precious watch, Mia tears her place apart looking for it and even goes on a little bender, during which she drunk dials Karmic Consultants, begging them to help her find it. 

She regrets the call as soon as she sobers up in the morning, but by then it's too late.  Karma has sent her Chase.

Chase Hunter is a laid back surfer and natural born charmer with a gift for finding things.  He can tap into your innermost desires and find anything - as long as it's the thing you want most in the world in that instant.  But Mia's relationship with the watch is far from simple and the truth is she doesn't really want it back - at least not without the pressure of her family bearing down on her. 

So Chase hatches a plan.  He needs a fake girlfriend to get his friends off his back about the fact that he's been essentially avoiding life (and doing nothing but surfing) since his family was killed in a car accident six years earlier.  Mia needs a date to her niece's Christening to prove to her family that the watch is working - and while she's with them she'll desperately want the watch and Chase'll be able to get a lock on it.

But things never go according to plan, do they?

Chase and Mia are unprepared for the commando matchmaking that reigns in Mia's family.  Though Mia tries to backpedal and claim she and Chase are just friends, her family give him a plethora of advice on how to propose to her and her sweet little Italian grandmother even locks the pair of them in the pantry for Seven Minutes in Heaven.  Chase decides to pay the ransom and kisses Mia - surprising them both with their chemistry. 

They survive the night, but her family is three-quarters in love with Chase - the psychic fitting right into their world in a way Mia never has - and they are no closer to the watch.

Determined to find the watch and eager to see Mia again - the one person who has really made him feel alive since he lost his family - Chase seeks her out and appeals to her in the one way he knows she won't be able to resist: scientifically.  He agrees to let her run test on his brain to see how his psychic powers work.

Everything is copacetic, but the lines between fake dating and real chemistry are starting to blur - especially when Chase takes her to meet his friends and Mia learns about his tragic past.  Suddenly she sees the happy-go-lucky surfer in a new light, but revealing so much to her freaks Chase out and he pulls back emotionally, even though they are still seeing each other for her science and playing at love for her family. 

But when her own family goes through a crisis, Chase is there for her - and the fake relationship falls away to make way for a real one.  Chase begins to let go of the past he's been avoiding dealing with, and Mia begins to believe there might be more to the world than science can explain. 

When she realizes she's in love with him, she races to scan her brain, to see if she can see the changes in her neural network.  Her lab assistants ask how she met Chase and when she tells the story of the watch, the pair immediately admit that they "borrowed" the love watch months ago in an attempt to duplicate its properties.  Just like that, Mia has the watch back and a man she loves - maybe the watch is magic after all.

But when she confesses her feelings to Chase (by showing him a scan of her brain on love), he freaks again and bolts.  Thinking the watch will draw him back to her, she puts it on for the first time.  Instantly, there is a knock at her door.  But it isn't Chase.  It's her ex - another highly cerebral scientist with an itemized list of the logical reasons they should get back together and raise a family of little geniuses.

Chase goes to Karma to tell her that the job is over - and she tells him he's an idiot for letting love slip away because he's too chicken to live again.  He spends the night thinking about what she says and goes to Mia's first thing in the morning - where he finds her having breakfast with her ex.

She tells him the watch must be working and that Peter must be the one she's supposed to be with, but Chase urges her to follow her heart and pick him.  Mia's scientific heart melts and she falls into his arms, kissing him, wanting nothing more than to wear the watch - and only the watch - for him.  In that instant, Chase gets a pure psychic lock on the watch - and realizes the one Mia has on is a fake.

They go to the shop where her assistants took the original watch in an attempt to duplicate it and confront one wily warlock named Prometheus - who switched the magic watch for a fake.  Prometheus gives them back the original, but claims Chase's boss Karma owes him for giving it up - and he will collect. 

Mia, wearing the real watch, and Chase go to her family's party where she will turn it over to the next lucky victim - and where they will announce their upcoming wedding.  They can't get to their happily ever after fast enough.

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