Monday, April 26, 2010

Author Interview: JESS GRANGER

Happy Monday, booklovers! Today we welcome to the blog acclaimed science-fiction romance author Jess Granger! Jess's newest foray into the wild and wonderful worlds she has created, Beyond the Shadows, releases next Tuesday (May 4th!). Welcome, Jess! (Applause!)

What do you find attractive in a hero?

I find many different qualities attractive in heroes, but my absolute number one most attractive quality in a hero is intelligence. Cyn, the hero of Beyond the Shadows is an extremely gifted genius. Now, if only he’d use his powers for good. He’s a bad boy, a little Han Solo, a little Lex Luthor. But the combination of a very sharp intellect with a pirate’s sensibilities was so unbelievably sexy.

What do you look for in a heroine?

I’m always looking for inner strength in my heroines. They don’t all have to be tough as nails, or so dark and jaded they can melt faces with a sneer. I seek something more subtle than that. I want to write heroines who face danger with guts and determination in spite of their fear, in spite of their pain. They don’t ever let anything break them, and so they are a fitting match to my men. They can stand on their own two feet and go toe to toe with my boys with their intellect, skill, and wit.

How important is the setting/world in your books?

Since I write Science-Fiction Romance, the otherworldly settings are crucial to the plot. I enjoy world building, and creating new fantastic, yet accessible and familiar worlds for my new cultures inhabit is like playing in a giant sandbox. Anything is possible, so long as it is plausible.

What drives your books? Is it the hero, the heroine, the conflict?

Conflict always drives my stories. In the case of Cyn and Yara the conflict was so terrible, it made for some very entertaining writing. She’s the heir to the throne of their home world, he’s the leader of a group of rebels determined to topple the controlling Elite. Lies bring them together. The truth could tear them apart. It’s intense, but such a fun story.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be? (Note: this does not have to be your day job if you have one; it can be anything from flapper to astronaut to crime-solving paleontologist.)

Ah, man, you got me. I love this question and I think about it quite a bit. I think the one occupation that floats to the top more often than any of the others is a costume designer for big budget films. That would be awesome! I actually pay attention to who wins the Oscar in costume design every year. In a way, I get to scratch that itch by doing costume designs for my novels.

What do you think is the most romantic moment ever from a book or movie?

I love the movie, Stranger than Fiction. I think that movie has two of the most romantic moments I’ve seen in any movie, ever. The first moment is when the protagonist of the story, a very uptight IRS auditor brings the bakery owner he’s auditing a box with a bunch of little white sacks. She looks at him and says, “What are those?” He responds with “I brought you flours.” It was so clever and sweet. Then when he’s at her house, she asks him to play a song for her when he admits he is learning to play the guitar. At first he refuses, and you can see her close down to him a little and retreat back into the kitchen. As things get quiet, he plays. He’s so shy, he’s barely speaking, but he plays his music for her. It is so tender and romantic, I think I cried.

What’s next for you/what are you working on now?

Well, I’m staying busy. It looks like my next project may return to my paranormal writing roots. We’ll see where it takes me, but it should be dark, intense, and sexy. It’ll be a lot of fun.

Thanks for having me on the blog, Vivi! For more information on Beyond the Shadows visit my website at

Thank you so much for joining us today, Jess! Today one lucky commenter will win a copy of Jess's new sci-fi romance, Beyond the Shadows!


booklover0226 said...

This is another book for my must have list!

I enjoyed the interview and look forward in reading Jess' future works.

Tracey D

Nancy G said...

I d love these interviews. And the book looks good too.

Sherry said...

I haven't read any of your books yet but they sound really good. I love the cover it's great.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

Oh yeah, costume designer would be a wicked job! I can just imagine getting sucked into research and design for days. :D

Miranda ~ SweetVernal Zephyr


Great interview, ladies.

Andrea Becraft said...

The books sounds fantastic Jess! Thanks for blogging with us!

Vivant said...

Interesting and entertaining interview. I have to agree with what you look for in a hero and heroine. You had me at "very sharp intellect with a pirate's sensibilities."

Jess Granger said...

Thanks for having me Vivi! I've just launched the release blog party on my blog, The Butterfly Blog. All this week I'm giving away signed copies of the book. Come on over and check it out.

In the mean time, is Vivi awesome or what?

flchen1 said...

Great interview, Jess! I always enjoy reading more about an author's thoughts and behind the scenes :) Congrats on book 2!!

Natasha A. said...

Another awesome giveaway!! This book is most definitely on my to read list.

Great interview!!

Chelsea B. said...

Great interview! LOVE the cover for Beyond the Shadows!

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great interview.

Vivi Andrews said...

Apparently blogger/blogspot is being a punk about comments. Arg. Sorry for the trouble, booklovers!

And here's Beth's comment, which she emailed to me to make sure it appeared :) (bonus points for determination!) -

"Great post. Congrats to Jess on the new release.
I have loved sci-fi long before I started reading romance. Love it when I can get both my fixes in one book."

Cheri said...

My to be read list keeps growing! I love a heroine who has the intellegence and inner strength to stand up to and beside her man.

s7anna said...

This sounds like such a great's on my wishlist!


Karin said...

I'm with Jess on intelligence being the one thing all my favorite heroes must have. An intelligent man is sexy.