Monday, May 3, 2010

Contests, Contests, Everywhere...

Well, folks, the blog party is over, but that doesn't mean the fun is ending. I'm back from RT with a passel of stories (yes, there was a man in shredded red leather being lead around on a leash...) and there are still loads of places where you can win cool stuff all the time.

If you're jonesing for your next contest fix, here are a few places to assuage your contest withdrawl:

Moira Rogers is hosting a fabulous contest right now in an attempt to lure new readers into our dastardly clutches. Get Hooked on a New Series! Enter to win the first book of a series - and you get to pick the ones you're eligible to win, so you won't risk winning something you've already read seventeen gazillion times. Visit to enter.

And... Coffee Time Romance is currently hosting Samhain's Spring Showers event. Excerpts galore, free books to be won, and a fun romance community all bundled into one. Check it out at

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