Thursday, May 13, 2010

Totally Separate Human Beings

Sometimes people tell me how much they love my Granite Lake Wolves books. And I blush and stammer and explain that those books were written by Vivian Arend. I can totally understand the confusion. (Especially when you add Vivi Anna to the mix. I had no idea my name was so popular! I never met another Vivi in school...)

Anyway, because I am a nerd and I think this is amusing, I offer visual proof that Viv Arend and I are not the same person. Look!

Viv Arend:

Vivi Andrews:

See! Totally separate human beings! Are you not amazed?

(But don't worry, you can continue to mix up our books. It keeps life interesting to have a nombre doppleganger out there. And if I'm gonna be mixed up with someone, at least it's someone awesome.)


Andrea Becraft said...

Oh I can totally see the diffrence!LMAO!

But I know both of your work so I would never confuse you.

Inez Kelley said...

Lies, all lies. One woman, two identities, two talents combined in one writer. Nice try though. :P

Viv Arend said...


You would not believe how often I get asked about Serengeti series...and I can't SPELL that damn word without looking it up, let alone write it.

And I'm equally honoured to be considered you. :D

(Word verification: chabons--which of course means 'the act of being mistaken for another awesome shifter/comedic romance writer and having to decide if forging the other person's signature would be a bad thing')

flchen1 said...

ROFL! OK, honestly, Vivi and Viv (and Vivi...)--you can see how easily this mistake can be made! Wonderfully talented writers, great books... we readers just aren't so great with keeping the details straight all the time ;)

So... both of you (all three of you)--get back to work! Stop it with the hanging out in nature and all that! Write! ;)

Carly said...

What gorgeous views! But yeah, I've definitely had my double take moments with "which of the two authors is this?"

Vivi Andrews said...

Chabons! Excellent word.

And yep, we live to confuse you. Mwah-ha-ha. ;)

Anonymous said...

OK I admit I have confused you two. But then I once I started reading the books I saw the difference. I love you both you both keep me entertained for hours.

Leah Braemel said...

I must confess I often confuse you (Vivi Andrews) with Vivi Anna. Vivian Arend not so much -- maybe because she uses the whole of the Vivian?

Thanks for the laugh, Vivi.