Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun with Web Design...

In light of all my exciting new writing developments, I decided the old website could use a little overhaul. It has now been hauled over (mostly). The current incarnation, which I like to think of as Death by Purple, is still a work in progress. This weekend I wanted to make it pretty (and current). Next weekend I'm going to make it functional (and clean up the disastrously untidy code).

So, I invite you, faithful reader, to pop on over to le website ( and give it a look-see. I welcome all comments on the good, the bad and the ugly. But keep in mind two things: 1) It's a work in progress, so please, be gentle. And 2) I am the website dictator and my word is law. Your feedback is welcome, but I rule the world. Mwa-ha-ha.

And just cuz I feel like airing some pet peeves... Some things that will never be on my blog/website:
1) Music the plays automatically.
2) Videos that play automatically.
3) Any flash stuff that requires me to hit "Skip" before I can enter the homepage. Grrrrrr.

Wanna share your pet peeves?


Vivant said...

Love the new look! Hmm...with all that passionate purple I'm thinking the whole look is a subliminal Northwestern promo!

Vivi Andrews said...

lol. Go Cats!

P.S. Conference calls suck the joy out of my soul.